Graduate Research Assistantships in COMPUTER INTEGRATED SURGERY at Queen’s University


The Perk Lab (Laboratory for Percutaneous Surgery) is open for Graduate Research Assistants in various projects and research areas, such as:

  • Medical robotics
  • Augmented reality surgery guidance
  • Medical imaging and image processing
  • Surgical navigation
  • Modeling (Treatment planning, Statistical anatomical atlases, etc.)
  • Medical software implementation and integration

We are looking for smart, dedicated and goal-oriented graduate students with background in electrical engineering, computing, mechanical engineering, or biomedical engineering.  We are admitting students into the Master’s of Science and PhD programs.  We provide full financial support (free tuition, research assistantship, and teaching assistantships.)

Our students have excellent collaborative opportunities with a diverse group of multidisciplinary researchers from medical robotics, medical imaging, image processing, computational mechanics, image modeling, and analysis; as well as with a large pool of clinical collaborators. The Perk Lab is seamlessly fused with the Medical Image Analysis Laboratory, we share space, resources, tools, computers and most importantly “gray matter”. There is also a cadre of superbly trained professional staff research engineers who assist our students’ research.

Primary external research interactions will take place with the Center for Computer Integrated Surgery ( and Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics ( at the Johns Hopkins University and National Alliance for Biomedical Computing ( at the Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as well as with over a dozen institutions worldwide in the USA, Europe and Asia, with opportunities for internships and various kinds of research sorties.


Check out the Perk Lab today and contact:


Gabor Fichtinger, Ph.D., Director

Associate Professor, School of Computing

w/ cross-appointments in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Surgery

Queen's University

#725 Goodwin Hall, 25 Union St.

Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6, CANADA


Phone: (613) 533-3258

Fax  : (613) 533-6513

Cell : (613) 539-8721


During MICCAI-2008, please call Dr. Fichtinger’s cell phone at +1 (613) 539-8721.