3D analysis of cardiac structure and function from imaging: clinical and technical considerations

MICCAI Tutorial

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Recent advances in cardiac imaging methodology have greatly improved the 3D assessment of cardiac structure and function. This will enable moving from a relatively simple overall functional analysis to a more localized and physiologically oriented cardiac analysis. The image-based extraction of properties related to cardiac biomechanics or electro-physiology seems to be becoming a clinical possibility. This will require a close cooperation between the clinical and technical communities. Consequently, this tutorial will bring together clinical and technical researchers (and trainees) interested in this evolving field, which has a potentially important role in clinical cardiac assessment and management. Overview talks will be presented by both clinicians and basic researchers, in order to address both clinical and technical issues in an integrated way. Participants from both technical and clinical backgrounds will be encouraged to attend. The principal objectives of the workshop are to bring together clinical and technical researchers involved in this evolving and potentially important area, in order to better understand the varying clinical needs and the technical capabilities of different approaches, and to provide an introduction to the field for students or others who may be interested in further pursuit of technical or clinical aspects related to this field.


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